Social Work

By Masters of Social Work


Social Workers visit the client in their home for counselling for a variety of reasons. Social work service is a professional health care discipline that provides counseling, advocacy, education and support for psychosocial problems, which impact client care and adjustment to illness. Social Workers at Integrated Rehab Professionals provide intervention to the general adult populations and to Mental Health patients in the community.


Clients whose recovery or quality of life is negatively impacted benefit from the following social work intervention:

  • Advocacy and Counselling related to illness, disability and loss
  • Counselling to support for poor coping ability (demonstrating difficulty with current health status)
  • Community support services for inadequate or ineffective support systems (social isolation)
  • Counselling for situational depression
  • Family conflict intervention/ Power of Attorney, Guardianship
  • Assistance with financial/housing crisis
  • Advocate for abuse/neglect of basic needs (physical, emotional, financial, social or suspicion of same)
  • Support for multiple stresses (conflict related to care, grief, role change etc.)
  • Support in palliative situations (during discovery, treatment, remission, death and bereavement)
  • Counselling for Mental health crises, issues or coping difficulties