Occupational Therapy

By Registered Occupational Therapists


Clients undergo assessment in their home to determine safety in the home, wheelchair and mobility needs, equipment in the home to assist with ADL (activities of daily living) and ability to access the community. Occupational Therapists also assess the client’s ability to perform personal self-care activities, the need for homemaking and assistance with home maintenance, kitchen tasks, laundry tasks, ability to acquire food shopping/banking, outdoor maintenance and child care tasks.  Assessing cognitive ability for those patients who are failing in memory, reasoning ability, executive skills and perception skills are the Occupational Therapist’s role.  Equipment needs are assessed and the Occupational Therapist works closely with vendors in the community to supply the patient with their equipment needs.


A home assessment may be performed when the patient:

  • is experiencing difficulty performing their daily activities (self care, homemaking, child care)
  • is experiencing difficulty with mobility in the home or there is a question of safety in the home
  • is in need for home modifications or equipment which may increase the client’s independence in the home.
  • is unable to access the community and may need Wheelchair or Mobility device.
  • safety at home is in question
  • cognitive abilities are in question
  • needs an Assessment and treatment of mental health issue