By Registered Physiotherapists


The Physiotherapist performs assessments and treatment regimes for clients who are ill and unable to access the community. A client in need of pain relief and/or joint mobilization at the early stages following injury or surgery needs the advice and direction of a Physiotherapist.


  • Physiotherapists assess the patient for their mobility in their homes, how they function on stairs and their need for mobility devices; canes, crutches or rollators.
  • They provide exercise routines to increase the strength of the client, increase their tolerance to activity, increase range of motion and stimulate function of neurologically impaired muscle groups or weakened muscle groups from inactivity/injury.
  • The physiotherapist treats a client in their home until the client is able to progress into out-patient physiotherapy or until they are familiar with their home exercise program.
  • Early physiotherapy intervention will promote faster healing, improved range of motion, improved strength, improved walking and mobility and normal functioning of joints and muscles.