For Clients:

Knee and Hip Replacements:

  • View Pam: waiting to have a knee replacement
  • View Don: already has had two hip replacements
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  • Learn about hip and knee replacements at this site: preparing for surgery, While you are at the hospital, Recovery, Getting back to normal, For your family and friends

Falls Prevention: Prevention of falls in and around your home.

Arthritis: For information on Types of Arthritis, Tips for living well, Programs, Research, Registry

Diabetes: Learn about diabetes, facts, living with diabetes, Banting house, Nutrition, Insulin and Diabetes Medicine, Complications, Children and Diabetes, Research.

Alzheimer’s Disease: Learn about Alzheimer’s Disease: What is Alzheimer’s Disease, warning signs, progression of disease, related dementias.

Mental Health and Addictions: Learn about Causes, Definitions, FAQ, Change, Recovery and Relapse Prevention, Help for Partners and families, treatments of Addiction, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorders, Depressive Illness, Schizophrenia and Alone in Canada.

Medical Information in Asian Languages: Such topics as: Asthma, Cardiac, Cancers, Blood Pressure Management, Diabetes, Back Pain, Exercises, Arthitis etc. 

For Staff:

Routine Practices Fact Sheet for Health Care Setting [download]

Facts About Handwashing [download]

Stroke, Driving and the Health Care Professional
Rules and Guidelines [download]

Best Practices Document for the Management of Clostridium difficile in all health care settings [download]

Preventing Febrile Respiratory Illnesses [download]

Infection Tool for Health Care Providers (HCP)

Guide to Accessibility Standards for Community Services [download]

LP-F.30.10 Appendix Common Abbreviations [download]

Codes of Ethics - PT [download]

Codes of Ethics - OT [download]

Codes of Ethics - SW [download]

Codes of Ethics - Dietitian [download]

Privacy Secure Destruction [download]

CECCAC Medical Equipment Catalogue [download]

Guidelines for Employee Safety and Infection Control [download]

Home and Environment Safety [download]

Workplace Violence Toolkit [download]

Ontario Human Rights Commission on Anti-Discrimination Policies


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