1. How do I receive the in-home services of the therapists at Integrated Rehab Professionals?

Most of our clients and patients are referred to us from the Central East Access Centre. The patients who we see are often referred from their family physician to the Access Centre, from the hospital after having been admitted or from a referral of a family member or friend. The Patient’s information is taken by an Intake Case Manager or Hospital Case Manager and then we receive that information from the Access Centre. Our therapists receive the “referral” and then they book an appointment with you. They travel to your home and assess and treat you in your home environment.

2. Who is taken on as a client at the Access Centre?

To receive in-home services from a CCAC, a person must have:

  • A valid Ontario Health Card
  • Needs that cannot be met on an outpatient basis
  • A medical condition that can be adequately treated in the home
  • A need for at least one health care professional or personal support service

Please visit http://www.ccac-ont.ca for more information regarding their programs and services.

3. What if I wish to have service quickly or right away and do not wish to wait for the referral to be placed through the Access Centre or how do I receive service if I am on a Wait List?

Integrated Rehab Professionals does from time to time accept clients on a fee for service basis. Please call us at 905-839-5248 or toll free at 1-888-462-4849 for information regarding private pay or insurance pay for service.

4. Once my service has started, how can I give a commendation or complaint regarding my service?

Integrated Rehab Professionals is pleased to accept any complaint or commendation by telephone or if you wish, you can use our Client phone line and leave a message on Voice Mail 529 for such issues. You may also phone the CCAC and leave the information with your Case Manager.

5. How is my privacy protected?

The therapists at IRP respect your privacy. However, as Health Care Professionals, they may use or disclose your personal health information by sharing it with other Health Care Professionals. We do respect your privacy and do abide by the Privacy laws of Ontario. Please view our Policies on Privacy Protection on this website.

6. Is Massage Therapy also included in the in-home services?

Integrated Rehab Professionals has an association with an out – patient clinic – Pickering Sports Medicine & Wellness Centre. We are fortunate to have two Massage therapists who will travel to client’s homes in the Pickering, Ajax and Whitby areas. Their services are fee for service. Please visit http://www.pickeringsportsmedicine.com for information on benefits and fees for Massage Therapy or for Physiotherapy in our out-patient clinic.

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